once a month, my uterus has a liquidation sale and everything must go.

best prices in town. period.

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i don’t understand what’s going on here

someone please tell me why did somebody gif this what is she doing

She put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire.

do u think taylor is one of those people that get off on pain like when no ones looking shell stab her leg with a fork and roll her eyes into the back of her head
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This is one of my most favorite endings to a Disney movie, hands down.

Fuck the sword of a Hun who was going to destroy China. Fuck any sort of gift from the Emperor. They’re these *things* that have no meaning whatsoever.

His little girl is home from a *war*, safe and sound, and that is the most important thing in the world to him. The world can go to hell, but it doesn’t matter, because Mulan’s home.

this scene ALWAYS makes me cry

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captain falcon confirmed for furry, where’s your god now? 


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Requested by the-legend-of-maria

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Your sister is dead… because of you.
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Ravio's Journal
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Nintendo Presents

The Attack of the Killer Cuccos

Nowhere to run or hide you are destined to die by pecking.

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Fma + Alignments

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everyone goes ‘gainst the wind sometimes, when the shipping forecast’s wrong

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In my opinion, Eva Perón is the most physically demanding female role ever.
Think about it: The actress who plays this role has to be able to dance her ass off in Buenos Aires and also has to do a beautiful waltz and tango. She literally has to belt some of the highest notes I’ve ever heard for the entire show; sometimes even after holding a killer dance break (Ex: Buenos Aires). She must do all of this while having to express her physical and mental anguish as she gets weaker and weaker from cancer. Also, because the show is sung-through, there isn’t a ton of dialouge for her to portray this downward spiral with. She must embody the weakness and show it through physicality and her voice while singing. To top it all off, there aren’t a million ways that this character can be played. Eva Perón was a real person so the actress must do extensive research to make sure they understand the person, her motives, and find a happy medium between becoming Evita but still holding on to personal beliefs as to why Eva acted certain ways and did what she did.
To be cast as this role would be the highest level of honor to me; even higher than winning a Tony. No matter what level it is collegiate or on Broadway, being cast as this role would mean that you are the best performer that you can become.

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